Silvia and Keith have lived in New England their whole lives, and it’s where they’re raising their
two young kids. Living close to the city means sometimes, it’s hard to spend time outside and
the traffic is never great.

They used to take turns dropping off the kids before heading to work – neither of them enjoyed
the long process of buckling them into the car, fighting traffic, waiting for a parking space, and
heading back into traffic. They rarely biked as a family and longed for the days when they could
explore the trails just outside of town – with kids, the rides were too challenging.

Since adding a pedal assist electric bike to their family transportation options, they often take
the kids to school and go on weekend bike trips as a family.

“I can’t believe more families aren’t using electric bikes,” said Keith, “Not only do we get a little
exercise on our daily commute, but the kids are outside in the fresh air, stimulated by something
other than a television. And we skip all the traffic!”

Specifically designed for kid-transportation, the cargo EBike they chose is a little longer than
your average bicycle, includes pedal-assist to reduce the strain on Silvia and Keith, and since
their youngest has outgrown a child seat, it has a rear bench for two with a child-safe protective
barrier to keep both kids safe and contained, but with a great view.

“There is a big hill right around the corner from the school,” said Silvia, “Without the pedal assist
feature, I would have been out of energy just as we came to the bottom of it. Instead, I’m flying
past the line of parents in cars with my kids on the back of my bike.”

Keith loves the added workout from biking, and often hits the gym between dropping the kids off
and going into work in the morning. “I can get a workout done in the morning, shower at the
gym, and use pedal-assist after so I’m not sweaty again after cycling to work.” said Keith.

Although they had bicycles before they opted for an EBike, neither Keith nor Silvia knew much
about electric bikes before they got one. Silvia found an ad online and made a family
appointment with a DREAM EBikes representative who brought several models to the house
where the whole family tested them to see what worked best and learned how to safely ride on
an electric bike.

Investing in an EBike was a big decision but for Silvia and Keith, it’s been life changing. They’re
saving a ton of money on gas, parking, tickets, insurance, and maintenance, and they’re getting
a workout during a commute if they want one. Plus, it’s great to get the kids out of the house
without sticking them in a car.

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