Meet Jane, an electric bike commuter who has ridden to her job at the Smithsonian every day
for nearly five years. Upgrading to an electric bike cut her 9-mile commute from an hour of
bumper to bumper traffic and fighting for parking or an hour ride on a bus and two trains down to
about half an hour on her eBike.

“I knew I needed to find a better way to get to and from work,” said Jane, “My commute was
draining my time and it was expensive!”

She opted to leave her car at home, forego public transit, and scheduled an appointment with a
DREAM representative who helped her select and set up her pedal assist electric bike.

“Now, instead of sitting behind the wheel getting frustrated for two hours a day, I’ve added an
hour of light exercise to my day,” said Jane, “It’s easier to stay in shape and my legs are always

Her car is still available for long distance drives, but in the city, parking, sitting in traffic, and
fueling up are more of hassle than having having a car is worth. “Honestly, I’m saving time and
money commuting with an electric bike! I save on gas, I don’t pay tolls, I don’t pay for parking, I
never get tickets, and maintenance is a fraction of the cost.”
On her EBike, she spends her time in the safety in bike lanes and on paths, parks it in a bike
rack, and fuels up on the go – through pedaling. The best part about her EBike? Jane never
shows up to work sweaty thanks to her electric bike’s pedal assist feature.

“If I want to, I can turn the power off and get a more strenuous workout on the way home,” said
Jane, “but in the mornings I like to show up to work looking fresh, not sweaty. My EBike is
perfect for that.”

Continually ranked as one of the top cities in the United States for cycling, those who bike to
work in the D.C. can spend the majority of their commute on bike paths or in bike lanes. The
more these routes are used, the safer cycling becomes. The DREAM pedal assist bike is
equipped with safety lighting that help make the bike more visible to others and headlights that
shine on dark paths during the fall and winter months.

She’s so use to leaving when she wants, saving money, and a short commute that Jane bikes
12 months a year. “Before I switched to an EBike, I read that commute time hardly affected by
weather or traffic,” said Jane, “I was surprised to find that true when I tested it, but my commute
time is pretty consistent all the time thanks to the pedal assist.”

Avoiding traffic and parking aren’t the only reasons Jane loves her EBike for commuting.
Instead of living by the public transportation schedules, avoiding busy times, and that dreaded
feeling in her stomach when she misses her connection, she’s free to leave from home or work
whenever she pleases. Going in early, staying late, or catching a meeting doesn’t change her
commute much because she’s in charge of her own schedule.

Jane said, “If I ever have a lunch meeting or a doctor’s appointment across town during the day,
it is so easy to ride over, and park my EBike, and it’s free!”

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