Improve your Ride with a Pedal Assist Bike

A dream for the smart commuter

Imagine your daily commute through the city: you can leave when you want to, because you don’t have to sit in traffic or wait for public transportation. You’re on your own schedule. You’re on a comfortable, ergonomically designed ebike in the fresh air. You can travel at your own speed, choose your own route, and stop for breakfast on the way. There is no need to worry about parking; all you have is your bike.

You can charge your bike by pedaling so your energy costs and environmental impact are minimal. Your ebike has pedal assist so you can arrive fresh and ready for your day and you can get in a workout on your way home.

A dream for the speedy delivery rider

Envision making your deliveries faster, simpler, and more comfortably. You load your delivery onto a DREAM pedal assist bike, pedal toward your next stop with pedal assist, and forget about your parking worries – you’re on a bicycle!You can arrive with time left in your day for more deliveries and have energy to spare when you’re finished.

Your electric bike has lower operating costs than a scooter or a traditional delivery vehicle it doesn’t require gas or registration. An ebike helps you to go faster, farther, and longer without wearing yourself out because pedal assist matches your output, allowing you to maintain speeds up to 28mph.

Maintenance of an Ebike is minimal and repairs are simple, especially when you have a DREAM rep you know and trust. Your DREAM representative knows you and your bike and can perform necessary maintenance on schedule to prevent major repairs.

A DREAM for Leisurely Cyclists

Picture yourself on a scenic bike ride, sitting on an ergonomically designed pedal assist bike made for comfort and smooth cycling, equipped to ride the trails. You can move smoothly from pavement to a trail, from roads to scenic adventures. Choose to add cargo features so you can bring a picnic, carry your groceries, or pack swimming supplies for a trip to the beach.

Your Ebike converts your power like a traditional bicycle but has the technology to measure and match your output and get you to the top of any hill with energy to enjoy the view when you arrive. You’ll get a workout when you want and you can ride farther and longer when pedal-assist does some of the work for you.

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