Meet Susie and Dan, longtime residents of the New Jersey suburbs. They used to bike along
the Middlesex Greenway with their daughters when they were young, and restarted the hobby
farther along the north coast as a way to spend time together when the girls got a little older.
Since retiring, their bicycles began to put more strain on their bodies than they used to, so
they’ve been gathering a little more dust in the garage between every ride.

“We’ve always loved living here,” said Dan, “it’s a beautiful part of the world and we’re lucky to
have been able to get outside and enjoy it.”

As the years continued, the girls moved out, the hills seemed steeper, and Susie and Dan
seemed to find excuses not to ride as much. On the rare occasion they did hit the trail on a
bicycle, it was exhausting and caused pain in Dan’s back and legs for several days after. More
relaxing activities filled their days and the scenic rides they used to take as a family started to
fade into memories of the good old days.

Before discovering how easy it is to ride on pedal assist electric bikes, the motivation to get up
and go was hard to find. Susie said, “The rides weren’t as easy as they used to be! It felt like the
older I got, the harder it was to ride, the harder it was, the less we went, and the less active we

But as their grandchildren reached the age where cycling was a possibility and both Dan and
Susie retired, they longed to get back out there and enjoy the views in each other’s company.

“I’d really wanted to have something active for Dan and I to do, and outside activity to do with
the grandkids when the family comes to visit,” said Susie, “Biking has always been something
we do together!”

When a Facebook ad recommended that Susie look into electric bikes with pedal assist, she
clicked. It boasted bikes that matched the riders power to maintain speed, even up a hill, and
the ability to bike longer because it reduced strain on the body. Neither of them had ever heard
of an electric bicycle, so they made an appointment with a DREAM EBikes representative who
came to their home with several models for them to try.

“Our DREAM representative answered all of our questions and we got to test the bikes out in
our home,” said Dan, “He got rid of the extras we didn’t need and made sure we had the ones
we wanted, like pedal assist and safety features.”

When they’re looking for an easy ride or a little assistance on the trail, Dan and Susie can turn
on the power and pedal with ease. When they’re feeling up for a workout or on an easy path,
they can disable the pedal assist feature.

With the new bikes, Dan and Susie are getting back into their old cycling habits. The bikes are
designed to take them on a leisurely bike ride, and they have a service representative they
know and trust to help keep their EBikes safe and well-maintained.

They love taking the grandkids out on the bikes for a day of exercise and exploration. “Our new
pedal assist EBikes are so comfortable and easy to ride,” said Susie, “Not only do we ride all the
old trails, we’ve extended our trips and we’ve explored new routes that weren’t around before!”

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