Meet Andres, a delivery rider at Uber Eats and Grubhub. He’s a kind, hardworking man who
knows that efficiency is the key to his success. He grew up cycling around his neighborhood, to
school, and eventually, to his first job because it was faster and cheaper than public transport
and easier to park and maintain than a car.

Today, Andres lives in Brooklyn with his wife and young son – he typically travels 100 miles or
more around the city every day on delivery runs. At first, he struggled to fulfill deliveries fast
enough to reach his delivery goals. When he returned home from a long day of deliveries, he
was exhausted, dirty, and had little energy to spend time with his wife and son. Although he
loved cycling, it was overly exhausting and sometimes that made it slow and negatively
impacted his income.

“I’ve loved cycling for as long as I can remember,” said Andres, “I was fit and healthy, and I was
able to minimize my fuel and service costs. Riding an old bicycle every day through the city took
the enjoyment out of it – I craved energy for other things, like time with my family.”

A delivery rider by profession, Andres primarily delivers food, which means he needs to look
clean and presentable. On his traditional bicycle, Andres often arrived covered in sweat, which
wasn’t ideal for his clients or the delivery company he represented.

Through a friend who made deliveries at Task Rabbit and Eat 24, Andres found a more efficient
delivery option: a pedal assist cargo electric bike. After researching online, he found some key
options he wanted in his EBike: pedal assist, safety and security features, and a cargo carrier.
He made an appointment to see a DREAM representative on to find the
perfect electric bike for his deliveries. As exhausted as he was, Andres was able to have a
DREAM team member bring a few models to his home to explain his options, setup his new
pedal assist electric bike, and provide information about service and repairs.

“Getting my electric bike was such a smooth process, my son was even there to approve the
color – black,” said Andres, “It’s been a turning point in our relationship because with the pedal
assist feature, I can go farther, faster, and longer and I still have energy to play with him when I
get home.”

With his new electric bike, Andres rediscovered his love for the ride. It was specifically designed
for delivery drivers like Andres in mind, so pedal assist meant he could keep up with the flow of
traffic, catch the green lights, and make deliveries faster but with less effort. His customers were
happier, his tips increased, and he picked up more jobs. The added boost from pedal assist took
the strain of carrying cargo off of his body.

“Being able to stay with the flow of traffic rather than pushing myself in the bike lane and hitting
all the red lights makes me feel a lot safer on the road,” Andres said, “My average delivery time
dropped too – it’s only about 7 minutes per delivery now!”

To Andres’ son, having his dad home and ready to play instead of shower and nap after work
has changed his world. Family time is part of his daily routine now instead of a weekend treat.

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