We agree, it IS easier than ever to go carless in Seattle. Services like ridesharing, public transit, and dockless bike sharing (the newest entry into the mix) means Seattleites have more options than ever to ditch their cars and add a little variety into their morning commute.

Recently, the popular technology news site GeekWire published an article testing various forms of transportation to see which one was the fastest. Their route took them from their office in the Fremont neighborhood to Flatstick Pub in Pioneer Square, a 5-mile route through the heart of downtown Seattle during evening rush hour. They tested options like a car, bus, rideshare, pedal bike, and an electric skateboard, but we noticed they left out a very popular and efficient mode of transportation; the electric bike!

Don’t worry, GeekWire! We noticed your (assumed accidental) omission of the ebike and we wanted to help make your test as complete as possible. Luckily, our company headquarters is just two miles from the GeekWire office so it was very easy for us to pop on over and do the test ourselves.

We rode the same route and started at the same time to keep consistency with GeekWire’s test. Our participants (all RPB team members, two male, one female) all have varying athletic abilities and they have lived in Seattle for between 1 month and 3 years.

Here is what traffic looked like as we started our trip.

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